Signs of Spring

Into the Sky

April is upon us. The first holiday of spring is Easter. That weird holiday where we offer the children up to the bunny rabbit that lays chocolate eggs. Never have figured that out. And now people are hanging eggs from trees and stuff – weird I say

When I was a lad, Good Friday required that we get dressed up in our Sunday best and go off to church to listen to the grim sermon and such. Easter Sunday however – now that was party time. Everybody got spiffed up. The ladies put on a new bonnet and off we would go to church again. The sermon would be up beat and about the good things. A time to celebrate!

Well, we don’t do much church these days. But we do like to celebrate. Celebration of family, life and living. An excuse to get together and enjoy a moment on a sunny day, a cooked ham, glass of Zin and family.