Puyallup Spring Fair


The Puyallup Spring Fair is almost upon us. With it comes the annual photo competition put on by the Tacoma Photographic Society. As president, you would think I would have participated by entering some of my images, but no. For a number of reasons I have never found that “round to it”.

So, here is the opportunity. As I have been going back through time, reviewing moments captured, I have been selecting some of my all time favorites and I must admit that this shot ranks among the top.

You can get the camera settings from the EXIF data. What it won’t tell you is that the time was 7 am on a bright July morning. The Crocosima Lucifer is under the Dogwood tree in our back garden. Same one that I hang the feeder off of all winter [Chilled Sweets]

When I set out to capture this shot, I knew I had to keep to a shallow depth of field. This would require a large aperture, which would let in more ambient and too much background would be noticeable. The trick was to use a flash mounted on the camera. I set my shutter speed high enough to drop the background to black. Because I was using a shutter speed above 1/250th, the sync speed of my camera, I turned on the high-speed sync function of the flash. Finally, to get the light in close, as I was using a 400mm lens, I put a Better Beamer on.

The whole rig was hand-held. No problem with camera shake when you are shooting at these speeds.

As for the humming birds… We have a great relationship. I provide sweets and they provide entertainment. A great way to spend a moment in any northwest corner of the world.


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