The Canadian Riviera

Lake Okanagan

It was October, 2005. We are standing northwest of Naramata which is on the other side of Okanagan Lake. Looking south from a new winery located on a bench above the lake. We were travelling by bus with group of friends, sampling the food and the great wines that they now produce. It was fun as I recall, coming home with several cases of assorted wines. An excellent way to enjoy a moment in the Northwest.

The lake is about 80 miles long, running north from Penticton, BC to beyond Vernon, BC. The climate is warm, even hot, in the summer with mild winters. Because of the beaches, and the climate, it’s considered the Riviera of Canada. We lived in Penticton which is just out of site on the right of the frame.

Before the growing of grapes, and fermenting of wine became so popular, the area was a big producer of soft fruit – peaches – apricots – cherries – as well as apples and pears. June would blend up a batch of apricots, spread the purée thin over a cookie sheet, leave it on the back porch in the sun to dry. Home made fruit leather. Great stuff.