The Pond

There is so much about this image that is wrong. Noisy tangle of branches above. Soft seed heads on the grass below. So much distraction and yet I keep coming back. I want to glide off into the far reaches of the pond where it is dark, and quiet.

Kite Dragon

Kite Dragon

When I was watching this dragon fly, the pattern on its wings made it look like some kind of kite or biplane. Wonderful creature resting on a twig above a pond in Clear Creek Park.

Diamond Dragon

This dragon fly caught my eye the other day while we were on our lunch time walk in Clear Creek Park. Such distinct markings and extremely aggressive. It was running off any other dragon flies that dared come near it’s corner of the pond.

The background was so distracting that I decided to mask it out completely, replacing it with a single color that I picked up from the branch it is perched upon.