A Northwest Moment

I have been roaming about the Pacific Northwest for most of my life. It is a wonderful place with magnificent scenery and a colorful history. Spend a moment with Liddy and me as we explore the world.

A lot of shots get away. With a little bit of planning and the right tools you can improve your chances of coming home with a winning photo to remind you of the moment.

We were in Florida for the first two weeks of December. It was great! The first week was at Cape Canaveral. It was quiet because … well because it was the first week of December. The locals thought it was cold – lows of 60 Fahrenheit – hey it wasn’t raining, it wasn’t snowing. It […]

I have been distracted… Several months ago I committed to rebuilding the Tacoma Photographic Society’s web site. This has been an enormous time sink. Before Christmas, June, Liddy and I traveled to Florida for a couple of weeks. As Florida is in the Atlantic Southeast, I struggle with the idea of posting photos and rambles […]

A long time ago I lived on the North Shore of Burrard Inlet. North Vancouver to be precise. If you drive west on Marine Drive, through West Vancouver, you will reach Point Atkinson with its famous lighthouse. Across the water is Point Grey. Together, these points mark the entrance to English Bay, and Vancouver Harbor, […]

Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park Our featured image is of the a young and an old Ponderosa Pine surrounded by a copse of Aspens in their fall finery. There is something about the two pine trees that speaks to me. The location in general… Well the location is absolutely gorgeous! And the park. The park was […]

When driving east from Vancouver, BC, it is likely you will take Highway 5 and climb up over the Coquihalla Pass. If you can, take a moment to visit the Othello Tunnels. They are an engineering masterpiece, in a stunning river canyon.